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jeff burton and steve retart talk about the same thing each and every week,dirty air,what thay use to do,why thay are so great,that this race is the reel deal,so on,each and every week,its old,very old,the same thing over and over,.do you see what I mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!the same thing over,over,over,over,over,over,over,over,over,over.did thay ever win a champship?why did thay quit,i do not believe thay are who thay think thay are,even DW and that stupit LARRY person fox makes better tv,please NBC help us,get gid of this idiots,nascar is not the greatest car racing on tv.dukes of in that old DODGEis better than the races on nbc

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Yea dude hear ya......We don't have cable or Satellite out here in stick patch...And ain't about to watch on internet or smartphone.... NBC so greedy with all the commercials they run they could put it on an over the air channel.....Sad *** NBC is....*** yea FOXSPORTS is NASCAR!!,Boogedy,Boogedy,Boogedy *** NBCSports


NBC needs to hang up NASCAR coverage.....The people covering it suck....Too many commercials...Can't stand the Englishman trying to cover it...Let FOx Sports take it all...

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