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We paid for all access to the tour de france and can't play the videos when we want to. When we watch it live, we lose the feed.

It's ridiculous. I want my money back and I want to watch the rest of the tour! The whole point is to have 'all access' and we clearly do not have that. I do not feel I should have to wait for the 'video to begin shortly' and then never have the video begin.

we are running a high enough internet mbps speed that this should not be a problem. for crying out loud

Monetary Loss: $30.

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Absolutely the worst *** experience I've ever had on the internet. I want my money back and I'm actually contemplating suing NBC.


Major fail! Intermittent problems throughout tdf, and then to drop the end of the decisive stage!

Did they think no one would notice?

Write NBC, demand your money back. I am.


NBC All Access sucked. It would not work as advertised and they cut the last part of the one of the most important stages of the tour, the individual time trial. I want a refund and I should have known better to even sign up when I saw the NBC logo.


We agree. Horrible product, horrible coverage, and horrible service.

We reported problems on the second day of the tour and nothing was ever done about it. NBC Sports totally ruined the end of the tour for us.


They cut the last 30 minutes from the time cuts from a battle between Cadel and Andy, and cuts 45 past to the podium...I don't know who one, I got no excitement. I can't believe they cut the last 10 minutes out of the superbowl. This is pure fail...100%

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