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NBC Sports soccer coverage is failing miserably!Since taking over from the Fox soccer channel which used to air soccer 24/7 and did a stellar job at that.

Now when I turn on NBC Sports all I get NASCAR, American football or hunting...WTF! If I'm lucky to see any soccer at all it's only highlights of the goals!!! What NBC is doing is totally unacceptable. Why own the rights to the majority of the games if you're NOT going to play them!!

And why not have a NBC Soccer Channel that plays soccer 24/7??!!

If this ere Europe they would rioting in the streets!Get a clue NBC, you're in over your head.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #747417

NBC is great for soccer...If you want to wake up at 5am.

Horrible job. I miss Fox Soccer Channel. NBC doesn't deserve Premier League rights.

I hardly get to watch any matches now.

Saint Petersburg, Florida, United States #717593

Why would NBC pay so much for EPL rights and then show yachting on Saturday?It is a premeditated attack on the growing popularity of the game.

Why attack soccer? NBC can make far more selling ads for American football (a game which is at least 2/3 ads) versus soccer (a 90 minute game interrupted by only one advertising break). The networks absolutely do not want soccer to succeed in the US.

In their minds, it is better to spend money to kill the sport.

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