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Matt Lauer's interview with Ryan Lochte was in reality a prosecutorial interrogation with Lauer acting as judge and jury. Repeated apologies from Lochte for his actions in the incident was not enough for Lauer who seemed to be making a point that it was reasonable for the security personnel to not only draw a gun on Locthe and his team members but also to demand money for property damages else he call the police.

Not a word from Lauer on why security should not have just contacted the police and let them handle it instead of demanding money for undetermined property damage. Most balanced journalist, I would think would at least wonder out loud if this demand for money was indeed tantamount to extortion. Extortion is a form of theft and is felony in every state in the USA.

But never mind that as long as Lauer gets his pound of flesh and improves his tv ratings. Ryan Lochtes drunken actions were regrettable but Laurer's unbalanced interview tactics are inexcusable.

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