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Rick Allen is horrible, he make more mistakes than any other broadcasters I have ever heard watching a Nascar race and I having been watching for a very long time. He is either a complete *** or just doesn't care or pay attention to what's going on in the race because he is always calling the wrong car in the lead or like last night even calling the wrong winning car number. You have Dale Jarrett working for you, fix your problem and put him the booth with Steve and Jeff as it is geeting very hard to listen to this clown every week.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Nascar coverage.

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i totally agree. Allen repeats what the color men say. It's like he doesn't know anything about nascar.


Rick Allen sucks IMO reminds me of a DJ in a strip club


Horrible, he screws up names and where they are on the track. He acts like he has no clue about Nascar. GET RID OF HIM


rick allen is a dummie. he says the same thing over & over.very hard to listen to.put someone on that knows about racing & doesent holler not hard of hearing.


I think dale Jarrett should have gotten the job instead of Steve letarte he is awful.


I agree. I watched MR.

Allen in the truck series and thought he made far too many mistakes. Didn't do homework and prep for races or just couldn't handle the fast pace and quick changes in the action.

Great pipes but not the caliber of play by play fans deserve. Please hire Besteick to call NBC NASCAR races.

Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1354693

Did this a couple years ago. Why doesn't Nascar have a complaint tag on their website?

Nothing. Ignorance or what?

Bee Branch, Arkansas, United States #1354660

Look, Rick is over his head on NASCAR, he may be better suited for another sport. That's possible within the network.

I have had the same comments since NBC took over the second half.

At least some of the screaming is muted.

DJ or Allen Bestwick would be good for the NBC team. Dave's father, Ned, did a great job for years with Ken Squire. Some don't remember. They called the race.

Always enjoyed Allen.

The job doesn't start or stop in the booth. Production crew also owns this. They call the shots.

They cue what is coming up. Problems there as well.

to Dan Bee Branch, Arkansas, United States #1354663

Auto corrected to Dave, not Dale.

to Dan Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1354683

Now that Jr. named for NBC, what now.

NAZICAR should have picked him up, long before.

What part of racing doesn't he understand. Owner, driver, injury, aero, heat, health, life changes...

to Dan Fort Worth, Texas, United States #1354697

Sponsor's, fans, loss. Retirement!!

Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1351154

Rick Allen is the worst announcer calling nascar races I have ever heard. At New Hampshire "There's a hole that the track is working on" ??

What an ***.

And Kyle Larson leading the race? How can he do that driving the 18... Good lord he's a putz.

Come on NBCSN, give us all a break, get rid of him please, its every week he messes up and makes your broadcast so unprofessional, or don't you guys care? Maybe that's it, you guys just don't care about us viewers....just your advertising dollars.

Way to go. Dumbasses

Jeff, Phoenix,AZ

California, United States #1350467

Rick Allen is just terrible. He makes a great NASCAR event suck.

He's ruins the excitement of the race with his *** mistakes, over excitement when it's uncalled for, lack of professional knowledge of the sport, repetitive sayings and many more bad attributes. Fans should never be so annoyed that they consider tuning out.

Very disappointed with NBC for not noticing. Thats what can you expect from a liberal network I guess.

Marietta, Georgia, United States #1338691

I simply cannot take his commentary and must mute it. Instead l listen to MRN's broadcast.


I couldn't agree more.

Canyon Country, California, United States #1233963

Otherwise known as mr obvious.

We don't need him to repeat everything said by Anyone else

Morro Bay, California, United States #1230599

Please replace Rick Allen with "Anybody"

Scarborough, Ontario, Canada #1224413

Rick Allen is awfull is he even watching the same race as everyone else.

Oregon City, Oregon, United States #1218138

I thought it was just me getting old and grouchy but I guess I' m not alone. I can't stand Rick Allen!

There are so many other announcers that so much better!

The fake hype and drama has got to go! The mistakes are not acceptable for a professional!

to Anonymous Old Fort, Ohio, United States #1227723

I hate him too. I hate the way he talks.

I hate the inflections that he uses. I have to mute the volume and I might as well not watch it at all with the sounds of the cars

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