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I cant stand listening to a foreigner broadcast a NASCAR race!!! What was NBC thinking????

I feel like I'm watching some frickin' Euro Racing League!!!

Typical liberal NBC to try to ruin NASCAR!!! Rick Allen SUCKS as a NASCAR announcer!!!

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I would love to know who is paying off Rick Allen to always talk about Kyle Busch. He sounds like he is in love with this ***!

For NBC to follow Busch around a track for 4 laps when he is 2 laps down is wrong. Hey Rick stop bring a *** and put your love aside there are 40 drivers in every race not just ONE!!!! Quit just talking about your favorites. Oh by the way I think you are a Kiss Poor anouncer anyway.

Either learn the sport and be fair to all drivers or get out of the sport! Rick Allen SUCKS!


Leigh is way better than Rick Allen. If you can't understand him, then you are the problem.

I would rather listen to Leigh for every race than to listen to Rick Allen for one. Leigh may have an Australian accent, but he can speak better English than Rick Allen.

At least Leigh actually has excitement in his voice and doesn't sound like a cow every time he says the word "and". If you think Rick is a good broadcaster, I regret to inform you that you are deaf.


Agreed. It's like listentening to a f$cking soccer match.

NBC lieberalism at its best. NBC is killing this sport!


British broadcasters are terrible for NASCAR. Very hard to listen to.

This sport needs a broadcaster that is relevant and doesn't say things like "lets go on to the next chapter". The slang is all wrong and annoying.

Do not assume this sport has a European base. I constantly think "what sport am I watching?"

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