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I love NASCAR racing, but Steve Letarte and Jeb Burton are absolutely a disaster as race commentators. They both talk as fast a machine guns, loud, continuous, never stopping.

They talk about non pertinent topics rather than to simply focus on the race in progress. They want to tell us how they know what the driver must do, and what the crew chief must do, and what the driver is thinking as if they are mind readers. YIKES, I AM SICK OF THEM. I turn off the sound for 1/2 the race or more.

THEY NEED TO LISTEN TO RADIO RACE ANNOUNCERS AND GET SOME POINTERS, Better yet, replace them with Winston Kelley or Dace Moody or Joe Moore, Rusty Wallace, but get rid of these two noisy guys. They nay be good men, but they are NOT GOOD RACE COMMENTATORS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nbc Sports Sport Commentator.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Not sure about Steve, but Jeff is absolutely terrible. Just terrible!!


Steve and Jeff are both so annoying to listen to! Get on every nerve you have


I usually have to change the channel when I hear that voice (Burton) Annoying!


Burton and letarte are the worst announcers ever. Cant watch nascar with them blbbering nonsense and squeaky voices.

to Anonymous #1599309

I agree completely about jeff burton....he is awful and sounds like Mickey Mouse....get rid of him...can't stand to watch when he is on


Absolutely spot on. So it isn’t just me.


I dislike listening to both Burton and Letarte as much as I do having to listen to Beth Mowins. When Jeff Burton raises his voice he is completely unintelligible.

Hire some real commentators ! What happened to NASCAR now we carry the drivers in the bed of a pickup in laps around the track as though they are gladiators. All the extra reports on thoughts of the pit crew or dirivers is totally unnecessary. All the unnecessary non-stop chatter.

Get back to real cars and not the merry go round vehicles that are professed to be produced by different manufacturers.

No more restrictor plate and single file racing. Put a speedometer in them to stop the speeding in the pits, eliminate the only 4 people over the wall regulation.


I would rather listen to fingernails scraping down a chalk board than to have to listen to Steve Latarte. I have been watching Nascar for over 30 years and he wins the award for the most annoying announcer by far.

I, too, watch the race with the volume muted when he is on


Wow, I couldn't agree more with your comments. I turn the volume way down because Jeff and Steve are so annoying.

It is like they have to talk ridiculously fast before they get cutoff. The race is 3-4 hours long, chill out!

What a shame for the first half of the season to have such good commentators and then have to listen to these guys the rest of the year.


I agree they are both long winded and repeat themselves constantly and Rick Allen should have stayed at the lesser series as all the mistakes he makes

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