Trying to follow F1 since it was moved from Speed channel and on to NBCSN (which sucks). They must have the stupidest sound engineers on TV.

They play the sound of the cars so loud it's impossible to keep track of what the commentators are saying. At least have an override on the commentator mikes that reduces the back ground sound. It's been that way on NBCSN since they took over. They suck.

I sometimes just mute the sound and watch the race. Jeez!

Plus, the commentator Bozos are only at the track at one or two events and must not be watching the same broadcast we see. They miss a lot of little things that happen on track then speculate what went on when all along we viewers saw it happen.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It is also the same for the Tour de France, I love the Tour but can hardly stand to watch when you can't hear the commentary. It's not rocket science.


NBCSN Indycar coverage is the same. I can’t hear the announcers over the loud engine noise and sometimes music. Why can’t they figure this out?


How do we get rid of that screaming commentator on the 2018 broadcasts?Where is Bob Varsha when we need him?


I notice the same thing on Monday night football (NBC) and I'm having trouble right now hearing the announcers in the Red Wings / Sabres game (NBCSN).


2017 and it still bad. don't these audio engineers listen to what we hear?

Uniontown, Ohio, United States #1204981

It's the same on NASCAR races. The cars drown out the announcers or their *** music does.

Obviously they don't have any real sound engineers.

I've told NASCAR they should stay with FOX all season as it makes them look bad. We KNOW where the problem is.


sadly it has not improved yet. i just watched the 2016 Baku F1 race and could hardly hear a word.

The background noise from the cars varied hugely throughout the show, so I was on the volume control constantly. its an absolute farce, the sound production is hopeless on this show.



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