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The worst commentators in history, looser petty needs to find a real job,he sucks at this one. NASCAR and NBC have spent the whole race today covering the last place cars and ignoring the race leaders.Why are you promoting loosers like Dillion , Hamlin and Boyer , do you get extra dollars ?

In this close race you have spent 15 laps on the middle of the pack and missing out on the leaders .Your network should be bared from NASCAR as well as looser petty.Well now the race is about over and the restart is a giant fail , taking out most of the front runners . This race sucked ..

Product or Service Mentioned: Nascar Auto Racing.

Reason of review: low quality coverage.

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"worst commentators ever"except for the crackers on Fox,how anyone can listen to the Waltrip bros is beyond me


Keep losing sound during races not my equipment really wrecks the races when sound goes out 3 quarters of the race including the end

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